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March 30, 2017
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April 11, 2017

50 Loving It


If you are a woman aged 45 or more, who wants to live their VERY best live, THIS IS FOR YOU

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Imagine Creating a life full of magic, fun and romance, where you look great, feel fantastic, have wealth, health and laughter, a closet full of stylish clothes and look forward to every single day. How would that make you feel?

Just because you are nearing ‘mid-life’ doesn’t mean you need to wear beige and become invisible. This is the time to plan the second chapter of your life so it’s exactly what you dreamed it would be. To help you, I’ve singled out 10 generous, sassy, inspirational coaches who already know the ‘how’ to share their stories, warts and all, so you can receive the benefit of their wisdom and advice. They all lead amazing, successful lives and SO CAN YOU!

As these are all recordings, you can listen to them time and time again, at your leisure. Imagine having access to wisdom and encouragement whenever you feel the need to find inspiration and ‘know-how’. AND all for just $37. A session with a coach would cost you FAR MORE and here you have 10!


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