These are some of the many wonderful organisations that I have worked closely with over the years. They have been responsible for my professional (and personal) development within the image, fashion and coaching industries and for ensuring I belong to a community of like minded people.

I owe them all a great deal – thank you


Fashion Feng Shui

Fashion Feng Shui® is an innovative, transformational dressing technique inspired by Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. Maintaining that what you wear is as influential on your life as your home and business decors, Fashion Feng Shui® teaches you how to dress with mindfulness and intention so that your clothes express your authenticity and attract your deepest desires. Using the energetic language of Nature's Five Elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, to describe physical appearance, preferences and goals, lifestyle, and clothing design elements, Fashion Feng Shui® elevates what was once a mundane routine to mindful ritual, so that getting dressed becomes easy, fun and empowering.


From Image Consultancy, to Fashion Styling, Personal Shopping to Your Personal Brand, there are many exciting style and image pathways you can follow and many training courses you can choose to start you on the right path.
FIPI aims firstly to set a standard for those working in and providing training across the broad scope of image specialities.
We pride ourselves on working with and recommending only professional training courses delivered by industry professionals with a wealth of experience. This is then supported by our Membership programme, supporting you every step of your fashion journey, whatever your dreams are.
Surround yourself with the right people and the right pathway and you’re half way there.


Projecting a winning image to create a powerful first impression is the key to success in personal, professional and social life. People try to enhance their image in various ways; personality development, grooming programs, fashion designers, or weight management. Image is a combination of several factors and only a qualified image professional can help you project a winning image in all aspects. Our global members are qualified and dedicated to helping individuals and companies on all aspects of personal appearance, behaviour and communication to ensure a winning image in your life and in your business.

Clarity4D (Accredited Practitioner)

We believe personality profiling should be for everyone, and that colour creates a common language. Personality profiling is traditionally used in business, and because of the cost, typically only senior managers benefit from self-understanding. Clarity4D provides a suite of profiles which can be used by people (young and older) who are going through a change in their lives, as well as people at every stage of their careers in the corporate world. • Simple to understand • Affordable for all budgets • Globally accessible for all ages • Effective at getting results

Attic, Stamford

'We cater for the stylishly independent woman who is interested in fashion but wants to be comfortable and confident in her choice of clothing. You'll find a perfect mix of affordable, easy to wear clothes as well as unique and unusual pieces. Whether you're looking for a flattering pair of jeans or an original outfit for a special occasion, Attic has something for everyone'

Expertly curated collections selected with care from new and established brands. For customers with an independent streak who love well made, thoughtful clothes.

NLP Excellence

The Training industry is experiencing turbulent times at the moment.
That is a good thing.
Rapidly evolving technologies in training have created opportunities for serious innovation. Training Excellence focuses on the human approach of training and using the new possibilities that this innovation brings.

The Coaching Academy

We're incredibly proud of the reputation we've developed since opening our doors in 1999. When life coaching was practically unheard of. Now we find ourselves at the forefront of coach training and chosen by more people who want to professionally train in the practical skills of coaching than any other organisation. Your training with us will always be instructive, informative and enjoyable and our team of trainers are hand-picked from the cream of the UK's finest coaches. They are all second to none and all bring with them a wealth of experience and qualifications.