Sue works with individuals who want their clothing to be a blend of mind, body and spirit. Together, we create a style that will work regardless of where you go, what you do and what you want to achieve in your life. Based on the premise that your personal Essence(s) are at the heart of any decisions, these consultations empower you to easily evolve, whenever there is a change in your lifestyle, appearance, relationships or goals.

The consultations differ from many other image consultations. There are no ‘rules’, no ‘telling’. We work in a conversational way, to help you uncover who you are, and mindfully transfer into clothing choices so that you always FEEL like YOU.

As each consultation is tailored to individual needs, please contact Sue for a free introductory chat.


May 24-26th 2024 . FACILITATOR COURSE AUD 3950 inc GST.

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This training is open to all image consultants, feng shui experts, beauty professionals and anyone that truly wants to deepen their knowledge about image and clothing.

This is a ‘live’ online training programme, scheduled around your needs and requirements. The first 3 sessions concentrate on YOU. Using the Five Elements, you will discover WHO you are at your very core, your talents and gifts, your communication style, what you value and why you value it. This will provide you with your own unique lens of the world, and your own unique way of dressing. Your Essence is at the centre of this revolutionary practice. Once you have recognised who you are, your clothing choices can easily evolve to encompass the inevitable changes in your life and your relationships.

Your clothing needs to flatter, so we will be looking at your individual body colours and shape and adding them into the mix. By doing this, you will have clothes that harmonise with your appearance.

We realise that you have dreams and desires, goals or ambitions that you want to achieve. In this initial part of the training, we show you how making small adjustments to your clothing, using colour, texture, pattern, fabric or silhouette, can help you attain them.

Fashion Feng Shui is different from many style trainings as it adopts a consultative approach. We never ‘tell’ you what to wear. You make the choices, based on the information you receive. This way, you ‘own’ what you have discovered. Your wardrobe will feel like coming home, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Your elemental style will be totally different from anyone else’s. It’s yours, and yours alone.

The rest of the course trains you how to be a Fashion Feng Shui facilitator. You are now the consultant. Using our professional materials, a mix of virtual and real life clients, and my guidance you will learn how to run your own face to face consultations and group sessions. Communication styles and effective consulting techniques are also included. You will also learn how to use the elemental personas to help you build and run your business effectively.

Fashion Feng Shui is not solely concerned with image and style. We see what you wear as an important tool for well-being. When you wear the right clothes, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. When you feel good, you don’t have stress, you are comfortable and confident. That’s why I call it Mindful Dressing.

Here’s an added bonus. According to research, being mindful keeps us youthful!

Personal Consultation: £350
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Facilitator Training (inclusive of materials and licence): £2000.
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If you are an image professional and feel that what you do currently is not ‘enough’, then Sue can help you.  Taking your business offerings beyond colour and style analysis is Sue’s speciality.

Please contact Sue directly to discuss, as the content will be personalised to your specific needs and requirements. She also offers coaching and mentoring services.


Sue recently trained me as a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. Having heard and read so much about her work and her approach to fashion and the psychology of fashion, she surpassed my high expectations. She is a gem. Sue is someone who goes way beyond the surface. She thinks deeply and shares broadly and really makes you reflect on the right questions. Questions which will help to move the fashion industry to a more mindful and meaningful plane. She knows who she is, and what she stands for, and she shares her experiences so openly. Sue has given me confidence to stay true to my values and ideas in developing my brand and business. I loved working with Sue.

Julie Cobbe

Sue is an inspiration in the world of Fashion Feng Shui. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and considerate of her students and her clients. She is an amazing coach and mentor.

Kasia Hornby-Lukaniewicz


I have had the privilege of participating in various trainings given by Sue. She has the great ability to clearly transmit fundamental concepts in the construction of personal image. What she says, and how she says it, has her personal stamp which enchants those who listen to her. Sue is a professional with a lot of experience who always shows us new angles in the practice of the profession of Image Consultancy.

Valeria Doustaly AICI CIP, Paris, France

Sue Donnelly was my coach during my Fashion Feng Shui facilitator course. I was honoured to be coached by her. I was originally recommended to her, and told she was “the best”. I was thrilled she was my trainer because I wanted quality. I can assure you, I have no regrets. She continually stimulated me. Her way of delivering the workshops are so clear and thought provoking, I hardly needed my workbook and I learned a lot. If you need a professional coach that delivers quality in here work and motivates you to give your best, then I would highly recommend Sue. What I loved a lot, besides the professional aspect, is that she is always herself. Wonderfull.

Angela Messinella-Addis