September 1, 2020
September 11, 2020

Some people see black clothing as safe or dull. Others see it as elegant or dramatic.

In Fashion Feng Shui, we see black (and all dark colours) as one of the ways to represent the Water element.

This beautiful element has many wonderful qualities, which we can transfer to our own self via our clothing choices.

Water empowers us to be creative, to go with the flow, to find introspective wisdom, insightfulness and intuition, to dig deep, to be more intellectual or encourage us to just ‘be’.

I have none of these qualities in abundance so it’s no wonder, when the time is right, I seek out my water clothing. As I have large scale bones and dark eyes, ‘weightier’ colours suit my physicality and are easy for me to wear.

The ‘Magic’ is what happens when mindful clothing choices bring these qualities into your life and you begin to truly reap the rewards.

Check it out.

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