September 7, 2020
September 15, 2020

Many years ago, I felt myself being drawn to a colour I particularly loathe.

Burnt orange. Not a bright, look at me, vivid kind of orange. More the deep, rusty-looking, brownish one.

I have never ever been a fan of the brown/orange/yellow family. They make me look ill (I’m being polite here). My brownie uniform colours, unfortunately, carried over into my school uniform. While I enjoyed both institutions, I couldn’t wait to escape the clothing.

So, it was weird and discomforting when I found myself actively searching for it. Boutique owners proffered it to me as a first choice. A tentative purchase of a scarf – just to check it out – provided tons of compliments. My husband concurred. It really suited me.

How could this be? Anyone who knows anything about colour would know I have cool (pinkish) skin. Strictly no yellow tones allowed.

I also found myself eating an abundance of orange coloured root veg – pumpkins, swede, carrots, sweet potatoes.

AND I was tired. REALLY tired. Exhausted actually.

A visit to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncturist confirmed I had a depleted spleen. In other words, my batteries were flat.

The spleen is an earth organ.

You guessed it.

Burnt orange is an earth colour. My body was trying to heal itself.

It worked.

Does burnt orange look good on me now? I’d suggest not.

What did I learn?

To listen, intuit, go with your instincts. Sometimes, it pays to forego any so called style rules. Your body will guide you to what you need, if you find the time to ask it AND pay heed to what it is telling you.

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