September 21, 2020
September 28, 2020

I was in my regular yin yoga class when I heard something extremely profound.

I learned that if there is a part of your body you dislike, you should pay extra loving kindness to it. If you nurture, honour and respect it, any negative thoughts about it will dissipate.

If you have parts of your body you dislike – and I’m pretty sure we all do – I’m betting the thoughts, messages and comments you send it are less than positive – right?

Pampering our bodies isn’t just a frivolous indulgence. These rituals, along with loving thoughts, can form positive associations with body parts that, if done often enough, can be stronger than your anxieties. 

When you catch yourself looking at something you dislike in the mirror, force yourself to thank that body part. Remind yourself how the body part helps you in your everyday life or how it helps the rest of your body function.

For many of us, our tummy is the issue. In yoga, it is seen as the centre of our power. In pilates, it’s where we derive our core strength. It represents WHO we are at our core, our essence. Reframing, so instead of seeing ripples or perceived bulging flesh we recognise its capacity to nourish and nurture, will certainly help.

Start saying “tummy I love you”, and see how, eventually, you really do mean it.

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