August 1, 2020
August 12, 2020

I’ve never thought of myself as mysterious. I’ve often joked that I have no hidden depths and “What you see is what you get”.

Things can change.

For many years, I’ve not been attracted to wearing colour. My mainstays are darker colours, such as navy, black and charcoal, with maybe a soft white or striped pattern in the warmer months.

I love colour on my plate though. Bring on the salads and seasonal veg. I’m not one for beige, in or out of the wardrobe.

I spoke with Mark Wentworth,, an expert in all things colour related. In numerology, my birthdate is number 6 represented by the colour Indigo.

This is his what he said::

“If you don’t feel the need to wear colour other than dark neutrals then go with it. To me the fact you are Indigo means that you are being drawn to the darker tones of colour as an indirect way of getting Indigo. Doesn’t mean you have to change those dark neutrals to Indigo, simply stay with what you are doing. When we are drawn into the darker sides it is that time of exploring the more mysterious sides of life, and in those spaces the only rule is there is no rule! You are getting your dose of colour through your food choices.  Keep doing what you are doing, Indigo will lead you and take you on a most mysterious journey I’m sure. Where? I have no idea, only Indigo knows that one.” 

This aligns with feng shui. The latter part of our life-cycle is represented by the Metal element. It sees us turning inwards. We become more reserved, quieter, aware of what we like/want/need. Life is more simple, perhaps more refined. Quality over quantity.

I’m embracing this mysterious side of myself. Not having to talk all the time and be the ‘life and soul’ is very soothing to my soul. If I’ve learned one thing in lockdown, this is it.

Enigmatic, mysterious, intriguing – adjectives I never thought would apply to me.

I’m coveting all the same.

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