October 11, 2022
November 8, 2022

Autumn is upon is.

The clocks will fall back at the end of this month. I’ve noticed that the evening sky is often tinged with pink. Today I am seeing a clear blue sky, with little cloud, even though it’s most certainly chilly. Soon we will dream of cosy fires, hearty meals and warmer clothing that keep us nourished in the colder days ahead. But for now, we can appreciate the crisp, cool, longer days and the last rays of sunshine.

The season of Autumn is represented by the Feng Shui element metal. The organised and discerning one.

Autumn, therefore, is the perfect time to look back at the past and make decisions about what went well, and what didn’t. What we would love to keep, and what we don’t. This applies to material possessions but also includes people, jobs and our emotional feelings about life.

In the West we love to ‘Spring” clean but doing the same in Autumn is just as beneficial. Like trees shedding their leaves, we can also shed what no longer sustains us, gives us pleasure or feeds our soul.

Metal is deemed to be precious, so finding and maintaining the personal treasures in your own life makes a lot of sense. After all, treasure can be hard to find!

Buying ‘smarter’ is a characteristic of the metal element. I no longer pack clothing away each season, as climate change has rendered many garments to be suitable all year round. By use of layering, and seasonal footwear, many garments become multi-functional. Thinking of this when buying new items is most definitely a metal mind set, as well as a mindful one.

Bring metal Into your life by choosing from the following: pastel colours, quality fabrics, metal jewellery, curved shapes, bows, monochrome outfits or overall refinement. Just a hint will do. It’s the intention that counts and each time you add metal into your outfit, you will be reminded of the reason why you are doing so.

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