July 27, 2020
July 30, 2020
A ‘Style Signature’ is something that I worked on for many years.

It has really helped me when deciding on what to buy, what to wear, and how I want to show up in the world. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has wasted money on clothes that were never worn – right?

It took a while. When you become an image professional, there is an unwritten rule that you need to look good. At all times, wherever or whatever you are doing. Or that’s what I believed.

I found myself wanting to stand out from the crowd. Big, bold, bright outfits that would attract attention. Vivienne Westwood was my designer of choice. Gosh, the money I spent.

It worked, to a degree.

I did get noticed – for my clothes!

I slowly come to realise that while I looked good in these outfits, there were a number of issues:

  1. I only wore them when I was in front of an audience, or with my clients
  2. Wearing them in my every day life felt OTT
  3. They were hardly suitable for the day to day running around, such as trips to the supermarket
  4. They stayed in the wardrobe for a higher percentage of the time than they were worn

My style needed to evolve.

I came to realise that my clothes need to fulfil me BUT they also need to function for all the parts of my life. I live in a small rural town, not a huge metropolis. Why spend thousands on outfits that come out once in a while? I recognised that I could still look amazing, in a simpler pared down outfit. In fact my big learn from this was that I only really feel comfortable when I’m dressed in ‘less is more’ mode. It’s great to look good, but better still to FEEL good in your clothes.

If you manage to get your clothing right, it’s one less stress. One less thing to worry about.

Simple with a Twist – works every time. Without that special detail, it might look dull and boring. The twist  makes it uniquely mine.

Do you have a Style Signature? I’d love to know more.

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