July 28, 2020
I needed a summer raincoat,

I had recently donated two perfectly good ones to a pre-loved shop.


Because my husband didn’t like them.

He said I looked frumpy!

I search frantically online for a replacement. There is no joy involved. I hate raincoats, but this is England. It rains in July.

I manage to find one that I love. I feel even better when I find it’s fabricated from plastic bottles. A guilt-free spend. What I’ve also noticed is how much it looks like the two I gave away!

Why did I listen? Why do any of us listen to the opinions of others? I admit, I should know better. Shoulds, coulds and ought to’s have no place in my vocabulary, but they appear all the same. I have heard so many similar stories from my clients. Choosing clothes based on someone else’s opinions of what they should look like, what suits them (the other person not the wearer), perceived dress codes, belonging to a tribe – the list goes on – then wondering why they have lost their sense of self.

Whenever I carry out a wardrobe audit, it’s one of the questions I ask?

Who is this for? You or someone else?

It’s a question worth asking next time you open your closet.

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