January 11, 2023
February 6, 2023

I love Claudia Winkleman.

Not just because she is hilarious, has a degree in Art History from Cambridge, is self-deprecating, a brilliant broadcaster/TV host but because she absolutely understands the POWER of a pair of boots.

From her book ‘Quite’:

“Boots are not something you put on your feet. When you shop for them, they’re not a ‘these will do, add to your basket’ and when they’re part of your outfit, they’re not a small addition, an afterthought. They are the whole look. The reason you’re out. The reason you feel like a rockstar, walking backstage at the O2”.

I can’t tell you how happy reading that statement made me. Boots are the foundation of my entire wardrobe. Like an actor, I build my outfit around how I want to feel that day, and it always starts with my footwear. Stepping into someone’s shoes – if you like.

Claudia segments people by what type of boots they choose to wear – legal secretary, groupie, new mum, intellectual and so on. I confess to probably having been all of them at some stage in my life. I’ve worn the tallest spindly heels to the thickest, ‘don’t mess with me’ soles and enjoyed each adventure they have given me.

As your style evolves, so does your footwear. If I’m honest, the footwear comes first with me. A nudge to moving on. Oftentimes, the external you has to catch up with the internal you, and my boots are my barometer. I even like wearing them in summer!

The ones in the photo were a prolific find in Liberty, my favourite store in the world. I had tried on numerous pairs, and was about to give up when I saw the sales assistant putting them on the shelf. It was my Cinderella moment! I danced around the store, and travelled home in them. The true test of a great find! My husband likened them to something worn in a fishmongers, but needless to say, he has now come round to my way of thinking. Why wouldn’t he?

So, what boots do you find yourself leaning towards?

What are they saying about you?

Would love to know more.

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