August 20, 2022
October 11, 2022

Each time I go to Thailand, I am greeted with kindness and generosity of spirit, which is totally unconditional. My students continue to make me feel special, a master, someone of wisdom with much to teach. They are so eager to learn and it fills my heart with joy.

I have had many jobs in my lifetime. Some I’ve enjoyed, others detested. I’ve worked with managers who inspired me, and those who made me fearful or inadequate in some way.

So, when what you do brings so much joy, it is surely a reason to celebrate.

I know I’m lucky. I’ve reached that stage in my life when I can afford to pick and choose who I work with. I only take on projects, and clients, that resonate in a positive way. Not everyone will like me and that’s Ok. There is room for all in my profession. ‘Difference’ is what makes the world go around.

From mid-life onwards, we are in the metal phase of life when discernment is key. What do we want? What don’t we want? What works and what doesn’t? Who/what feeds us, emotionally, spiritually and financially? These are questions we can continually reflect upon. For most of us, the metal phase will be the longest of our lives. As nothing stands still, it makes sense to check in frequently.

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