November 7, 2020
November 16, 2020

The perfect 15 minute fix.

The benefits of being outside on the fresh air are well documented. It’s easy to get bogged down in your own problems, especially if you work from home. If, like me, you are more of a ‘townie’ than a lover of the countryside, you might enjoy this way of instantly boosting your mood.

A study has shown that people who take a 15 minute ‘awe-walk’ each week, where they focused on soaking up the beauty around them and seeking views that triggered feelings of wonder, reported reductions in stress and a surge of positive emotions.

Being out and about in an environment that takes you out of yourself, and makes you think of something bigger than you, will continue there after you’ve gone, so is very restorative.

Awe can be found in all types of places. It does not have to be as magnificent as the Angel Falls or Ben Nevis. Watch an insect move around in your garden, look upwards at the local architecture, venture down a street you’ve never visited before.

As someone who moves at speed, I rarely observe the wonders around me. Mindfully walking can change a possible chore into an exciting ‘love to do’.

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