February 7, 2021
February 14, 2021

Did you know that 90 – 95% of serotonin, our happy hormone, is found in our gut?

A healthy gut houses 70% of our immune tissue and is connected to the vegas nerve, the main communication channel to our brain. So, keeping your gut happy, improves your mood, your instinct and your overall well-being.

Recent research suggests that eating at least 20 different fruits and vegetables per week maintains the beneficial gut bacteria at their optimum levels.

Always up for a challenge, we have eaten a weekly average of 35 different fruit, veg and herbs since New Year. I take pleasure where I can, and the selection in my weekly veg box provides a delightful surprise, which I find myself genuinely looking forward to every Friday.

During the pandemic most of us have had to become more ‘hands on’. Not naturally creative or practical, I’ve concentrated my efforts in concocting delicious and innovative new recipes. I may not wear many colours, but I can still receive their energetic properties by eating them. A colourful, and beautifully arranged, plate of food ignites and tantalises all five senses.

My intention this year is to bring fun into my life in a simple and easy manner. Using food in this way has increased my levels of enthusiasm and enjoyment and, as it’s a daily occurrence, it will continue to enhance my positive vibes. Improvement in my culinary prowess is the icing on the metaphorical cake!

Try it and see for yourself.

Just remember, the grapes in wine don’t count!

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